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5 great brand video examples in video marketing

Learn how to define successful brand videos in terms of video marketing proficiency criteria

Let’s get straight to the heart of everything a successful video campaign aims to achieve. Luckily for you, there are just two short (but very important) points to remember here: 1) a brand video should deliver a message about the product in question. 2) A brand video should make an influence on the audience’s behaviour. To highlight some key criteria, an advertising video can be considered effective if it does the following things:

  1. Delivers the main values of the brand
  2. Shows the problem and solution in short
  3. Tells a story that is relevant to a target audience
  4. Includes a clear call to action or creates curiosity for a product

Before you embark on your journey of discovery into the world of marketing video production, you should first take some tips from the best. Let’s take a look at our top 5 most brilliant brand videos and how they fulfil our criteria.

5. Alibaba: To the Greatness of Small (534K views)

Here, Alibaba chose a true story that happened during the 2012 Olympics to act as a vehicle for their message. They made a bet on the motivational type of video which makes the viewer feel empathy and familiarity with a character. And they won! This video is good example of associative connection and matches the criteria of delivering a message to a tee.


  • Seamless connection with a target audience through storytelling
  • The brand clearly delivers its point


  • It doesn’t leave viewers with a feeling of curiosity for further engagement

4. Reebok: 25,915 Days (730K views)

With this ad, Reebok masters reverse storytelling, solely relying on video rather than a voiceover for narration. As the active protagonist moves backwards through life, Reebok succeeds in associating their brand with people of any age. Secondly, the brand value is delivered directly to the audience in the form of “Honor the body you’re given” message. Lastly, it follows the interactive video marketing strategy. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the website, calculating how many day they’ve been alive, thus increasing web traffic.


  • Brand values are clear and connect to a target audience
  • Call to action that triggers personal curiosity


  • Not catchy enough to connect with a viewer emotionally (build-up & punchline method etc.)
  • Target audience is not well-defined enough

3. Adobe marketing cloud (648K views)

This is wonderful example of one of the most common types of commercial we’re used to today: humorous, memorable, and self-fulfilling with a build-up and punchline structure. After this, the issue their product addresses is clearly underlined. This kind of approach creates an ad more likely to stick in a viewer’s memory, and Adobe has certainly managed this.


  • The video depicts and relates to its target audience ironically
  • It’s short and catchy enough to create an emotional connection
  • The main point is clearly underlined: “We help you to sort your analytics data”


  • There isn’t sufficient time to read all the functions of the service at the end
  • No evidence of engaging the audience for further action

2. Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout (1.5M views)

With this advert, Google adds a dose of humour to the way they explain their services. They have decided to immerse the audience into a scenario where online situations are happening in real-life settings. This series is topical (playing into the online vs. IRL debate), semi-relatable, and moreover funny. This short sketch brand video is creative and ticks a lot of boxes.


  • Catching attention through a typical daily user-related issue
  • Relevant for the target audience
  • It has a clear message and makes you curious about a product


  • Google shows us an issue but there is not enough attention to a solution

1. Apple — The Underdogs (3.7M views)

Arguably, the best way to promote your product is to simply show a target audience how it works. Apple has always been good at doing this whilst still showing marketing flair and likeability. The video ad above is a great example. It’s easy to see how a consumer could be drawn into the video which, with its building tension, character development, and longer length, feel almost like watching a short film.


  • Apple managed to demonstrate the functionality of their whole line of main products
  • It has an interesting plot and tension, which gives viewers a reason to pay attention
  • The situation connects with an audience who face tasks like this daily
  • The ad subliminally encourages you to “press the button” through one of the character’s spoken lines
  • Here we can follow a story with a problem and solution


  • It still might be too long for revealing the key point


To conclude, it’s easy to see that all brands face challenges in video marketing – even those at the very top of their respective industries. It’s a tricky balance to strike and sometimes even the most expensive productions cannot meet all the criteria for effective video marketing. Having said that, the criteria are there for a reason: try to prioritise them in terms of your brand and how you would like an audience’s behaviour to be influenced.

Always make people feel like they are joining the whole community, not just consuming a brand in a one-off.

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