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5 Tips on How to Create a Really Effective Marketing Video

Want to save a fortune on your next video promotion? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. At we know that video marketing doesn’t need to be expensive to be clever and impactful, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to pull off your next project without breaking the bank. These 5 tips are a great basis for effective and cost-efficient video investment, so sit back, make notes, and watch those costs and management efforts significantly reduce.

Tip #1: Style vs. substance: Don’t create more questions than you answer

The main purpose of your video, in this case, is to give as much information about the product as possible, and answer their questions (maybe before the client even has them). This is the reason why, besides being easy on the eye, a marketing video must give clear and necessary information. There is no use being slick and aesthetically pleasing if nobody knows what you are selling.

Video for €6000
This (rather expensive) video succeeds in creating an atmosphere with striking shots of the hotel; however, no real information is shared here with the potential client.
Video from existing content for € 99
Despite being a lot less pricey, this video manages to show the exact location of the hotel, information about local amenities, catering choices for guests, additional services, and the cost for one night.

Don’t try to be an enigma. Give your clients the clear and relevant information they are looking for.

Tip #2: Spell it out: Express the key messages clearly

Your marketing video can only really be called successful if its audience can recall something about the product or service you’re advertising. Every little golden nugget of information that’s remembered is an achievement towards your end goal, so spell it out. The most effective videos are bold and clear with their messaging and product placing, making it easy for potential customers to recall your brand.

Let’s play a game! Below we have two promotional videos about the same restaurant. Watch both and see which details you can retain. Remember, any promotional activity, including video, should at the very least contain the basics: what is the product, and how would someone access or buy it? You probably won’t be eating at a restaurant if you don’t know the name.

A Broeding promo video used on
This video doesn’t give much away, showing just one photograph of the restaurant interior, images of staff and a few dishes.

Broeding promo video made by
This video does a great job of capturing the atmosphere, but also the key features. We think it’s way more effective, don’t you?

Pick between 3 and 5 of your product’s strongest key selling points and present them to your clients in a beautiful way.

Tip #3: Short and sweet: You don’t need to make a series

Long videos can be expensive, whilst they’re not necessarily better-performing. Take lead from the fastest-growing advertising platform out there, Instagram, and place your video at a length of under a minute. Avoid the mini-series route and you’ll cut costs and effort.

Your clients want to get all the information they need in a small amount of time so they can get back to scrolling through cute cats on social media. We can all agree that nobody likes to watch a 5-minute-long ad, no matter how pretty it is.

Make your video concise and there will be more chances of someone watching it until the end.

Tip #4: Be savvy: Don’t overpay for production

The price of upscale videos can be high because filming expenses tend to stack up. This kind of ad often needs additional investments in equipment, lighting, actors, stylists, and makeup. Oh, and don’t forget about the professional editing.

The majority of videos today are being watched on mobile devices, so think twice before filming in 4k. Actually, even mobile phone footage can make a great promo video. Better still, you can do it yourself! Who could be more perfect than you for producing a film about your own business?

All the footage for this promo video was filmed with just a smartphone. Find out how to do this yourself in our blog post: 10 rules of how to create best sport event video with just your iPhone.

Don’t overpay for something you are not going to use – there is always a cheaper solution out there.

Tips #5: If it ain’t broke: Save time by using content you already have

Expensive shooting can take up to a couple of days, whilst the editing process can easily add another week or so onto that. Time is not only money but energy. Plus when you finally get your finished product, it may no longer be relevant to your clients or your business. This is why we cannot stress hard enough the importance of mining the valuable content you already have.

The less time spent on production, the more money and managerial effort you save. Believe us when we say that great marketing videos can be created in less than a day if you use pre-existing content. Alternatively, if you do need fresh footage, it should only take a week to develop your video from a mere concept to a professionally finished product. All you need to do is find the right company to do the job and…that’s it really!

That’s why it is important to fully utilise content you have and optimise the process: from developing an idea and scope of work, writing a script to final amendments. The less time you spend on production, the more money you save. Believe it – great marketing videos can be created in less than a day if you already have the content. Alternatively, if you require shooting the whole process should still take under a week. All you need is to find the right professionals and… actually, nothing else, that’s it.

This promo video for a wonderful B&B in Ewenny, Wales, was made in less than 8 hours using content provided by the client.

Collect all pre-existing media content, make it work, and turn around this project quickly in order to keep your costs and efforts under control.

Creating effective promotional videos will be so much easier if you follow these 5 rules. So, what are you waiting for?

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