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7 ways to use video to drive your business

#1. Your website

  • It’s obvious that high-quality video specially designed for the internet is one of the most powerful sales tools for business, but in 97% of hotel websites, there is no video at all.
  • Time and time again, video is statistically proven to drive business, although cost and complexity of production are frequently stated as blocking factors for would-be users.
  • …not anymore!

How to use video from

  • It’s easy – you can simply search for our link on and embed it onto your site in just a few clicks.
  • Next, be sure to turn on autoplay mode in order to grab the attention of your potential customers and ensure a smooth viewing experience.
  • Videos are so much more dynamic and expressive than a static picture, so why not make a good first impression and place yours at the very top of your site?
  • Once you embed your video, the team at can shoot you over regular engagement statistics so you’ll know who’s viewing it and where they are.
  • The size of the video on your site is easily manageable. You can even set up looping for seamless, extended enjoyment of your video.

#2. Social media

  • People spend huge amounts of time on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making these platforms an incredible resource for advertising.
  • This is an essential way for you to get in front of mind with new audiences, and to stay in touch with your current customers.
  • Usage of advertising tools on social media is growing in popularity.

How to use video from

  • We don’t recommend using a link from Vimeo to publish on social media. Social networks downgrade posts like this as they motivate their users to download the video directly.
  • The easiest and most efficient way is to download the video from and then publish the file as a video on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.
  • To download video, simply click the ‘download’ button and select the HD 1080p option. From this, you’ll get an .mp4 file, which is compatible with all social networks.
  • As almost 76% of social media traffic and counting comes from mobile devices, we recommend using the square video format (1:1), because it takes up the most space on a mobile screen.
  • If you’re a slightly more advanced social media user, we suggest going a step further and trying your luck with vertical video (9:16).

#3. Email marketing and emails in general

  • Although email isn’t such a new-fangled and modern method of communication like social media, it’s still a really effective and efficient way to get through to your customers.
  • Email is a powerful marketing tool used by a staggering 86% of businesses on a regular basis.
  • So, how to improve on such a tried and tested form of marketing? Studies show that your average click-through rate is a massive 257% higher when you use video in your email!
  • Services like Mailchimp, among a range of others, will help you build attractive and professional-looking emails with easily integrated videos.
  • See a quick example on this slide created in Mailchimp in just 5 minutes.
    • Using our Vimeo link you can have your very own design set up in just a few clicks. Mail services use our specially generated image from Vimeo in order to attract attention and encourage people to play a video

#4. Messengers – WhatsApp etc.

  • WhatsApp doesn’t react well to large files and people don’t like waiting minutes to download your video.
  • In order to use your video in WhatsApp, you can send it even if you don’t have a business account.
  • Download the low-resolution file SD 360p using the link we gave you. Our 1-minute video won’t ever be larger than 10 Mb.
  • This should be of good enough quality to see the video on a mobile phone. 99.9% of WhatsApp users are mobile-only.
  • Upload this video onto WhatsApp in the chat with your customer. It will take a matter of seconds.
  • You can choose to send your video as an initial contact with the customer, or as a parting message with compliments and best wishes.
  • If the trip was a success and your guest had a great experience, he or she will be glad to share this video with friends and family. Your video will paint a brilliant picture to go along with your guest’s recommendation and we guarantee you’ll see those bookings increase.

#5. TripAdvisor etc.

  • TripAdvisor is without a doubt one of the most popular and significant sites in the tourism industry, helping hotels and other businesses build and sustain their reputations in a global community.
  • In 2018 alone there were 465 million unique visitors on That’s a whole lot.
  • TripAdvisor also sends 80 million emails per weekto its users with information, recommendations, reservations, and more…
  • What’s more, TripAdvisor is a fan of video as a medium for promoting information on their site whether as an individual or business.
  • Videos produced by are fully aligned with TripAdvisor requirements and standards, so we’re totally equipped to get you set up.
  • Before uploading a video about your property (TripAdvisor term for hotels, restaurants etc.) you should first read this TripAdvisor guide to make sure your specs are in check.
  • To download the video, use the link we sent you on
  • In this case, we recommend you download with the highest resolution possible so that your video complies with TripAdvisor’s guidelines. The website requires files to be in HD 1080p and no larger than 500Mb and 3 minutes long.

#6. On the screen

  • TV screens in a hotel room are a great advertising tool if you have special in-room TV service software
  • We strongly recommend using videos for additional services you have in the hotel like restaurants, gym and spa facilities, and conference and business amenities.
  • Another option is to showcase alternative properties in your hotel chain portfolio. It will support brand awareness and encourage repeat custom.
  • On average, promotions like this can increase your check-in rate by about 18% – and it’s mostly your additional profit.
  • As an added bonus for your guests, you can show videos about the local area with additional useful information about attractions near the hotel. They will be grateful for the sentiment.

  • The easiest and most efficient way to go about this is to download your video from and then publish this to your in-room entertainment system.
  • In this case, we recommend the highest quality possible for your video. We can produce something in 4K if needed.
  • We can even combine several videos (hotel overview, different facilities, and hotel chain introduction, for example) into one file with beautifully smooth transitions and design.

#7. Conferences and meetings

  • Conferences and meetings can be a challenge. You have just a short time to introduce your business, to engage new partners, to attract attention, and to steer business away from competitors.
  • You will never have a second chance to create a good first impression, so why not start your presentation with a video?
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