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Best App for sharing media

Most people fail to send media for their business contacts and workmates. We have tested the best apps for sharing media files for picking the most convenient one. We will review apps with the next criteria:– Platform compatibility– Free storage available– File size limits– Max possible storage 1. Apple iCloud To run iCloud you both want iOS 5.x (or later) or a…
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Video Marketing

Top 7 Video Marketing Trends in 2020

In 2019, the proportion of companies using video for advertising is a staggering 81%, which is 63% more than just a year earlier. It’s coming to the point where even the most conservative (or lazy) marketer can no longer dodge the video marketing craze. If you’re ready…
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5 Types of Video Production

Need a marketing video for your small business but lacking in funds? Or is there enough budget for an upscale ad for your luxury hotel but creativity isn’t really your forte? Fear not: there is just the right solution, or in this case production service, for every…