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Digital Marketing Crisis in the B2B Segment and 3 Tips to Overcome it

Internet-based promotions with their many and various forms offer a wide selection of opportunities for any B2C business to improve efficiency and results. Search engine optimisation, content marketing, social promotion, hidden marketing, email marketing, contextual advertising, teaser advertising, video advertising – the list is seemingly endless. However, when it comes to the B2B segment, it seems digital marketing isn’t as effective.

If we look at B2B in isolation, then successful development boils down to one thing: direct techniques, like cold calling, messaging prospective clients, and arranging meetings. All these newfangled technologies, emerging systems and digital algorithms are practically useless. Of course, the logical question to ask is why?

Usually, the answer is quite simple: B2B companies sometimes struggle because their audience is too small. The fact is that when you sell parts for milling machine, for example, your audience is the owners of these milling machines alone, which in one country could be just a few thousand people. Of course, this means less demand for the product and minimal search queries.

So how do you increase sales and customers for complex products with little demand?

Naturally, our first tip is to use all the basic digital marketing strategies available to you for attracting those who are already looking for your product. These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media advertising (organic and paid)

To ensure you’re covering all the bases, read up on each of these strategies in our other articles. Having a strong foundation in basic digital marketing techniques should help you reach a certain level of sales.

Important note! If you have a niche product with less demand and, in turn, a smaller number of interested internet users, it means there is no need to throw thousands of pounds at your advertising campaigns. This won’t necessarily widen your target audience and achieve the results you want. Even hiring expensive professionals  may be a waste of financial resources because sadly they can’t conjure demand for something obscure out of thin air. You could work towards this goal, but this is a complex matter, where, to follow our earlier example, your audience would first have to buy a milling machine in order to later require the parts from you.

Top marketing tips for niche B2B companies:

1. Use the full power of online directories and aggregators

Whilst most have already begun to forget about online directories, we strongly advise that you don’t.

  • Register your company in all possible local and international directories
  • Describe all your services and products in detail

Important note! Whilst you may think online directories are now obsolete, they are still popular in the B2B market. And do not spare 50 -100 dollars to register in the most popular ones. Since your customers can be there.

2. Reputation management and content marketing

Each internet user making search queries related to your relevant topic or industry should see your articles or offers.

  • Use your blog to host various informative articles on your specialist topic.
  • Publish articles in all possible relevant online directories with reference to your company.
  • Communicate across several forums and post comments under articles.
  • Put your videos up on YouTube.
  • Become an opinion leader in your field, being sure to mention your company where possible so that readers can familiarise themselves with your brand.
  • Don’t be put off if you have less than 100 views on your YouTube videos – this is normal.

Important note! No one can do this job better than you (at least in the beginning). So it’s better if you can create all the main content at first.

3. Profound remarketing

Since we are chasing after every visit to the site, remarketing should be truly up to the mark.

  • Make a really great remarketing with offers for different users (those who viewed various products, spent more time on the site, put the goods in the basket, etc.).
  • Target users on all possible platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Important note! If you want to avoid irritating your potential customers, remember to limit the number of impressions per user. If someone doesn’t want to make a purchase right away, it’s better to pause retargeting activity with that user.

So to summarise, it’s not all doom and gloom for the B2B market and there are digital marketing techniques you can use to further sales for even a niche product. Ensure you follow our recommendations and over time you should see a great improvement.
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