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How to download a video on Vimeo in 15 seconds?

It’s a great feature provided by Vimeo and it’s really easy.

Four steps to download a video

  1. Use a link on Vimeo video and go to this link on
  2. Find a ‘Download’ button under the video.
  3. Choose the resolution/file size you need for your video.
  4. Open the downloaded file to check and use it.

We believe that video can explain this better than text so we made a video tutorial for you.

Video tutorial for desktop

You can do all these steps in just 15 seconds. That’s it!

You may now enjoy your video and use it wherever you want.

You can download videos from Vimeo with an unlimited number of times and with any resolution/file size you need.


If you struggle to find the Download button, it means the owner of the video doesn’t allow video downloads or simply can’t enable this function because of the type of their account on Vimeo.

If you don’t find the Download button with the link we provided just let us know. We enable downloadable videos in just seconds.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to download a video from Vimeo on mobile. You have to use a desktop to download video files.

Bonus: How to choose the right resolution for downloading

ResolutionFile size
for 1 minute video
Where to use
SD 240p2-3 MbGood for messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber
Easy and fast downloading but quality is low
SD 360p4-6 MbBest size/video quality ration to use on mobile.
Ideal for WhatsApp and other messengers
SD 540p8-12 MbYour choice if you are going to use video on tablets
Too big and slowly downloaded using messengers
SD 720p15-25 MbA reasonable compromise between speed and quality on desktop
Good for embedding in presentations like PowerPoint or Keynote
HD1080p30-60 MbGreat for desktop and good for big screens like HD TV
However, the file size could affect the speed of your software like PowerPoint
2K100-200 MbToo good and too heavy for desktop. Ideal for recent TVs models
4K400-600 MbIf you really need superb quality and have really high-quality content
Good for 4K TVs, professional PCs, really big screens

Enjoy and unlock the full potential of your videos for your business and life
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